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    Secunia PSI -- what startup apps can it replace?

    Most everyone agrees that Secunia's Personal Software Inspector (PSI) should probably be installed on most Windows systems. But when it is installed, it seems to me that several startups that look for specific program updates can/should be removed; startups like jusched, qttask, AdobeArm, and others that are routinely added to Windows Startup, to look for and notify you of an update to a specific app. Am I correct? and if so, what other common startup apps can be removed once PSI is in place; has a list of such apps been compiled anywhere? And are there any such apps that should NOT be removed because they perform other functions besides update notification?

    Thanks in advance for your replies.

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    Personally I do not let any of these updaters run in the background. Since I check for updates regularly and I do use Update Checker and Secunia PSi (neither run in the background consuming resources) I do not need the app updaters running. Anything running in the background will consume system resources and even fast systems with lots of resources can be affected by all this junk running in the background.

    Use What's In Startup and shut almost everything down (either disable or better yet delete) You will have to scroll down a ways to find the download link.


    As you can see I have my AV/AM app, my software firewall, my touchpad app and my mouse app. That's it!!!
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