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    PCI-e card for USB 3.0 is slower than on board USB 2.0

    Just installed a new USB 3.0 PCI-e card. It is a wlx-898u3-4 from Renesas Electronics. The utility and drivers from the company did not even work, but the VIA driver for their VL800 chipset did. See a similar complaint here

    Testing with a Team-1 USB 3.0 flash drive on the USB 3.0 card showed 13MB/sec read, 8MB/sec write. On USB 2.0 I got 24MB/sec read and 8.5MB/sec write. Data set was mostly mp3 files, 1566 items with 1.49GB on a quad core Win 7 x64 machine.

    On my laptop at work (Win XP, Core2 Duo), I only got 3.0 MB/sec write to the same flash drive.

    Any clever ideas?

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    Try a different PCIe slot if possible, and look for the latest driver.
    Test with an external USB mechanical drive too.

    Lastly, you might look into an RMA of the addin card.

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