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    What is necessary prior to commercializing a VBA macro?

    For Office 2003, 2007 and 2010. I am considering trying to sell one of my macros that I find very useful. What do I need to do to the macro with regards to security before I sell it (other than adding a password to the macro)? Also, is there a way to add code that will allow the program to stop working unless a licensing code is input? Are there any references books, etc. for what is necessary for your macro(s) before you sell them? How easy is it to break security features on macros, etc.?

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    You probably want to convert it into an Ad-in. You can search the net for how to do this. There are tons of programs out there to break the Excel passwords so my guess would unless you create your own password hashing program or purchase one breaking in wouldn't be to hard. Passwords are usually stored in the Registry so you can look up how to read/right to the registry from VBA, shouldn't be too hard to find. Don't forget to include a copyright notice in the comments of the code.

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    In the past, the password to protect the VBA project was weak. Not sure whether that has changed in the most recent versions of Word with the new file formats.

    Old thread: VBA Project locked (2002). Also, the earliest version of ignored the password on the VBA project and, if I recall correctly, displayed the code with REM at the beginning of each line.

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