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    Tweaking User Account Controls

    I have a new Windows 7 Professional machine that I am setting up and I am having trouble with the User Account Control Settings. I've gotten Windows to stop prompting me for changes I want to make and only prompt me for changes that programs want to make.

    Here's my problem--Our network runs a login script every time users log into the network This script maps the network drives for the user. When the login script runs the OS asks me if I want to let the script make changes to my computer.

    How do I keep this from happening every time the user logs in? It's going to drive the guy who has to use this PC nuts. I have other Windows 7 machines on my network and they don't require the user to agree to changes every time he or she logs in, so I know that this is possible. I don't want to set the OS to *never* prompt for changes---is there a way I can make set exceptions?

    I've got Woody's Windows 7 for dummies and a preliminary read has not helped me, but I may have missed something. Any suggestions?

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    There is no exception list in the UAC for Win 7, but there is a work around that involves using Task Scheduler to run a task at the highest privileges - hence preventing the UAC trigger.

    You can create a task with to call your mapping script. Then trigger the task at user login.

    There is a walk through for this technique on the SevenForums here.

    Note: this will only work for Admin accounts - not for Standard accounts.
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