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    tab problem with indents (Word 2000 sr1)

    I create a lot of documents that require signatures. The easiest way I've found to put lines in for those signatures is to CTRL U (to start the underline), and then hit the Tab button. This inserts an underline to the next Tab stop. Simple and effective.
    Yesterday when I went to do this something different happened. I did the CTRL U, but when I hit the Tab button, the left margin and indent marker moved over to the next tab stop - no underlined appeared. The only time I've seen the Tab button do this was when I was working in a document with something like a bullet list, where word tries to figure out what I am trying to do. But in my circumstance yesterday, I was working on a fresh paragraph.
    What happened?


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    Re: tab problem with indents (Word 2000 sr1)

    I always suspect "AutoFormat As You Type" whenever weird things happen, but in this case it might be "Tabs and backspace set left indent" under Tools, Options, Edit.

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