I use GMail and although for the most part I like it, I occasionally find it annoying. Recently I received an email from a friend who forwarded it to me. The body of the email is missing when I read it in Gmail. Strangely, if I preview the message within GMail, the body text and images appear. Also I can view the message normally in Thunderbird, and if I use IE9 instead of Firefox, everything is normal.
I have Windows 7 Home Premium, Firefox 7, and a fairly new computer (Intel i5-2600).
I have posted this on the GMail forum, but nothing helpful was suggested, so I am trying here.
I tried starting Firefox in safe mode, but this made no difference. The problem is the same on my laptop, also Win 7 and Firefox 7, so it does not appear to be computer-related. I don't know if the issue is caused by Firefox or GMail, although the fact that I can see the message body with IE9 points to Firefox. On the other hand, the fact that I can preview the message using FF suggest GMail may be the problem.
Any ideas on how to track down the cause of this problem?