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    October updates kill DVD drive

    There is already a thread on this "Anyone had problems since October updates?" in which one lounger reported that his CD drive was killed. He solved it by uninstalling the driver, and rebooting.

    This did not work for me, and I restored to before the updates. So now I have a problem - I don't know which of the updates killed the drive. This has happened twice, on my W7/64 Toshiba notebook.

    Checked out TechRepublic's analysis of the updates.
    Nothing obvious.

    Only thought is to run the updates one at a time, and see if the problem recurs, which would be tedious. Any better ideas welcome. Thanks in advance. Jon

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    Are there driver updates in the list?
    You can also try adding half of the updates at a time, so if you have problems you know the "group" the problematic update is in. Then you can divide that group in half and try again. It will potentially minimize the number of updates. Of course, once you find the problematic group, you can always look at the updates in question and try to identify the culprit.

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