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    Post First Post here, but..,

    But what?

    Hi all XP'ers.
    I hated the transition proposals to move away from XP Pro, and I almost did.

    So it's come to this, I'll use my XP Pro OS till "they" pull the pin.

    I now seem to have come to believe there is sneakiness with every windows update, a progressive
    something and I ain't going to waste time getting all geeked up about it as if on a crusade.

    Have tried the others, Ubuntu, Linux, etc, and I am going to be a "jonny come later on ly" cos that
    community sux when it comes to asking question as if I am supposed to already know the answers to,
    and if I do get answers it makes no sense cos the dudes proposing answers on open source communities assume I either know the answer, know HOW to understand the answer, or expect me to read linux books so I can eventually understand what the explanation of the answer is.

    Heck, if I wanted to know I would have studied IT, then I be in the same category as "them"
    and I'll be a "they" to someone else in my predicament and probably have to use the same answer,
    "go read" such and such.

    So if we ALL had to "go read" such and such to understand the answer to the
    question, there be no question cos we all have the answer to a linux/Ubuntu issue.

    So, I concede defeat in trying to learn linux so I can understand the answer to my linux/ubuntu question, cos the books make no sense.

    So the answer is simply a time issue, how much time is left?
    I don't have months testing on a some old thrown out PC on the side of the road after a garage sale thatnobody wanted, when I can get the answer to a XP issue in a matter of moments.

    Simplest way out, Format c:\ and start over.
    If only XP had "save settings to disc", it be wonderful er.

    Cos those that CAN understand whatever there is to "go F(*69*! read", that is the dumbest answer the
    authors of the "dummies" books have left out overall.

    Users of these machines are not the "mere mortals" many would have liked us to believe we are.

    Cos without our abstract mindedness there be no "read the book/s"!
    We had the idea in the first place, you made the machine and wrote the book yourself!
    Only to complicate cos it costs to buy the book!
    No wonder the world is going bankrupt, too many books to get the answer and everyone is reading the
    book/s that we don't really want and still there is no practical solution.

    said my piece, Linux/Ubuntu, you have lost me and my fellow crusaders that want simple solutions to our
    computing needs,
    XP kicked ya azzes, hey?
    But wait, there is more,
    XP is being phased out?

    I hope not.

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    Welcome to the Lounge.

    XP will be provided with security updates until 2014:

    After that it will still run, but no more updates will be issued for any of its versions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XPDiHard View Post

    XP is being phased out?
    Hello... Not to despair.. Even though "Xp" is being "phased out" by MS.... You don't have to! I have and run several OS's (Vista and "7" ) with no MS patches or updates, and have done so for a while ... How you ask ? Well i have a good security strategy (Norton Internet Security and Malwarebytes PRO) Also i don't "click" on every thing that comes along ...and stay away from "questionable" web sites ... I use Fire Fox for my browser..with WOT(Web of Trust) add on.... As long as it's working ...Hey.... stay with it I'm in process of learning My newest OS... XP-Pro.. Regards Fred

    None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free (J. W. Von Goethe)

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    You may run XP on your current hardware as long as you wish. Just don't expect to be able to install XP on new hardware. No vendor is making XP drivers for new PCs.


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    Quote Originally Posted by XPDiHard View Post
    <severely snipped, of course>

    So it's come to this, I'll use my XP Pro OS till "they" pull the pin.
    They won't pull the pin. Your computer won't stop working in 2014. It won't explode. No boxing glove will jump out of the screen and punch you on the nose. The only thing that'll stop working is Windows Update, and if you practise "safe hex" like I do, security should be the same as it is now. And as JoeP517 says, upgrading might be problematic, but your present machine will work just like it does now.

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    GM doesn't support the '57 Chevy anymore either, but there are still '57's running all over the world.
    And, have you seen the prices that they are bringing at the car auctions? Wow!

    XP SP3 is a really great OS, time tested and stable as a rock. I've already shut off Auto Updates on all my XP PC's and have no regrets.

    Vista was/is a disaster (worse than ME) and Win-7 is not a lot better. It's Horribly bloated with tons of crap that the average PC user would never use in 100 years.

    I'm now testing windows 8 which is also HUGE, but does run faster than 7 and seems to be a definite step UP from 7.
    My main OS will remain XP-Pro-SP3 for the foreseeable future. It runs fast, efficient and does everything I need an OS to do.

    Cheers Mates!
    Experience is truly the best teacher.

    Backup! Backup! Backup! GHOST Rocks!

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