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    Backing Up TrueCrypt Files

    I am wresting with an issue backing up some files I have protected by TrueCrypt. I recently decided it would be a good idea to keep some of my files on a pair of flash drives that I alternately swap between my home and a safe deposit box. The primary location of these files is on my computer; the referenced files I have encrypted with TrueCrypt. I have also created an encrypted TrueCrypt volume on the referenced flash drives. I can get both drives to mount: e.g Local Disks J and K. I can also navigate the file structure using the command prompt and "DOS" commands.

    Phase 2: I have always used the xcopy command to back up my normal files using the /y/d/s switches. It works great for me.

    Problem: When I run the xcopy J: K: command, regardless of switches and quotes, I get a no files copied message. Again, I can switch directories and rummage around both the J and K local disks and see everything that's there. I just can't seem to copy from one to the other. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    Casey H.

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    I can't understand what you are actually trying to do.

    Are you trying to copy an entire Truecrypt volume/container from one Flash Drive to the other?

    Or are you trying to copy files from within a Truecrypt volume/container on one Flash Drive into a Truecrypt volume/container on the other?

    Perhaps if you posted the BATch file you're using it would become clearer!

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    ". . . the referenced files I have encrypted with TrueCrypt." What does that mean? Are you saying the files are within a Truecrypt container, or are you saying each file is itself encrypted?

    I think your objective is probably not very different from what I do. I have a Truecrypt container on my internal hard drive's data partition and another Truecrypt container on a flash drive. I periodically open both containers and backup files from one container to the other. I use Syncback-free to do the backing up, but the xcopy command should work just as well.

    To troubleshoot, it's important to know what OS you're using and how you're getting to the command prompt. If you're on Vista/7, have you tried getting there by launching cmd.exe via "run as administrator"? Have you tried a simple "copy" command of a single file from the command prompt window? Those tests might give you some leads.

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