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    Excel (2003/7): Need simple auto running numbering - like Word's SEQ fields

    Hi all,

    I need a simple feature, but I am not finding it so simply. I want to make a simple entry index (item index) in Excel.

    I am building a list of items in my spread sheet. I want them to be numbered, so I have a numbering column (ID), and while I am building the list I want to preserve the numbering, e.g., just like in Word you can define a numbered list, or insert SEQ fields.

    If I number the rows manually, then when I add an additional entry in front of item #1, for example, then I will have to manually increase all the following numbers up by 1.

    So I would like some automatic solution. I want to be able to insert some sort of field/function into the ID cell of each row, so that each such cell presents a simple running total of all the inserted fields. So, for example, if I have rows whose ID column shows:

    ID | Name
    1 | Cat
    2 | Dog
    3 | Rabbit

    and then when I add a further entry before [#1, Cat] I will *automatically* get:

    ID | Name
    1 | Lion
    2 | Cat
    3 | Dog
    4 | Rabbit

    I.e., just like inserting SEQ fields, as I wrote above.



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    You can use a named formula.
    Select for example A3 (the exact cell is not important)

    formulas - define name
    Increment (or whatever you want)
    [Use the cell above the cell you selected above]
    [In older versions it was Insert - name define]

    Then put 1 in the first cell of the range and =Increment (or whatever you named it) in the next cell. When you add or delete it will adjust the id to the cell above it


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