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    Can I delete windows.old files?

    A couple of years ago, I upgraded our Windows Vista laptop to Windows 7, 32-bit. The machine runs fine, but I discovered recently that the hard drive is nearing capacity. I'm looking for stuff to dump, and I've found a couple of rather large folders:
    • Windows.old (about 9.5 GB)
    • Windows.old.000 (about 43 GB)
    Can I just dump these folders? They're just hold-overs from the old operating system, right?

    What risks might I face by deleting these folders?

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    Yes to both. Use this approved method. Now that I look further, not sure what the second one is. Have you tried to open it. (The first contains the old OS, you can actually drag data from there to the new OS)

    I would check in both to see if there is any data that you could use before deleting them. I actually di find and transfer my pics, favs, etc before I deleted the file. I guess this folder is created to allow restoration of the old OS although I have never attempted this.
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    Look through them carefully and take out what you might need, especially the one with the 43 GB.
    God only knows what you have in that one. It looks like a fudged repair install of some sort. All the more reason to look through it carefully.

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