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    Variable time frames on x-axis

    I haven't had time to seriously explore this on my own, but thought I'd toss it out to see if anyone has already faced this issue and has a solution, suggestion, etc.

    Is it possible to have a set of data in Excel and graph that data in one chart where the x-axis changes in time-frame? For example, I have data that is weekly sales for 3 months, then monthly sales for 6 months, then yearly sales for 3 years.

    As I type this and think about it, I guess I could just graph the data straight-away, and change the labels on the x-axis to reflect the time frame(s).

    Any thoughts/comments?

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    The ways I have done:
    You can plot as a line where each item is spaced equally

    If you want unequal spacing, but eliminate some large gaps in time, I would use and XY and create a Auxiliary X range which has the gaps in time removed and if you need labels work on some sec X-Axis to created on a line chart to display an axes.

    The details would be more custom and we would need more details on the setup and spacing desired (perhaps an example worksheet and a sample chart.


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