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    Shared Folders Problem

    My OS is Win 7 Pro 32 bit with SP1, and I share folders with my friend Maria who has XP Home with SP3.

    I recently had a problem accessing the folders Maria shares with me. I ran network diagnostics on my Win 7 machine and was told "The remote device or resource won't accept the connection.The device or resource (MARIA) is not set up to receive connections on port "The file and printer sharing (SMB)""

    I ran Network Diagnostics on Maria's machine and was told there was a problem with my modem and/or router. I turned them off and then restarted them, and then,as per advice given in another thread by swatbat2142, which made all the difference,I restarted both machines and the networking problem was solved. However, I would still appreciate advice about the message I received when I ran network diagnostics on my Win 7 machine.

    Apart from the above, I checked the settings for my router and found that in the Wireless settings 802.11g protection is disabled, and UPnP and the router Firewall are also disabled. I would much appreciate advice on the pros and cons of enabling these items.

    Thanks and regards,Roy

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    The information provided by the network diagnostics is not that reliable, IMO. There was an issue, couldn't be solved, so a justification was given. I wouldn't give it too much importance, as everything is working again, so the problem is not there.

    You should definitely enable the router firewall. I see no need for the UPnP to be enabled. I am not sure about what the 8011.g protection means? Can you described exactly which setting is it?

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    Here is the most reliable resources for most trouble shooting,IMHO.The link;
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