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    At an Office Supply store today...

    A young clerk explaining different Kindle pads to two customers:
    I was examining the new Kindle Fire, listening, was not impressed with the clerk.
    Cust: I think the 3G unit is better.
    Clerk: Yes, it's a lot better unit.
    (this put me over the edge)
    Me: Not necessarily better, different, as it has the transceiver for G3 communications built in, otherwise it is the same. Also remember that to use the 3G one needs that service contract also, which is generally a monthly charge.
    Clerk: No!, 3G don't cost any more.
    Me: to Customers, do your homework and don't believe everything you here.

    Am I wrong or was the clerk giving out misleading information?
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    My wife and I were at a well known electronics store this evening looking at and intending to buy a piece of equipment. There were two choices that looked as though either would perform the functions that we desired. One was priced $100.00 more than the other. Curious to know what the difference was that warranted such a higher price, I thoroughly read both boxes, after which I was pretty sure what the difference was, and we had decided on the lesser-priced one. At that time, a salesman approached and asked if we had any questions. I said that I did, and asked him what the difference was. He replied that the cheaper one wouldn't do "X". That posed a problem, as "X" was what we wanted it to do. I pointed out that the box said that the cheaper one would do "X". He looked at the box and said, "Oh, I guess that it does. Is there anything else that I can help you with?". This sort of thing has happened to me a number of times at these stores. I would have been much more impressed if he had simply said that he didn't know, and then went and got someone who did. Heaven help those who really need some advice before shelling out hundreds of dollars.
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