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    I'm an technical services administrator for a small company (less than 150 PCs) most of which will continue to use XP Pro SP3 until the workstations fail completely. This will be most likely well after Microsoft's end-of-life for XP. I've tried to download the individual critical updates from Microsoft but they apparently throttle back the bandwidth to this web site so dramatically that even with a T3 connection its painfully slow. I've given up on saving WCUs for future XP reinstallations using this option.
    Do you know of a legitimate method that I can use to download or purchase an optical disc that contains all the security updates that have been released since Service Pack 3? I have approximately 10 different Gateway and Dell models currently running XP SP3 that would make it extremely difficult to create a SP4 image for each model and application combination. (To be clear, those 10 different models relate to approximately 80 different workstations so this is not a trivial task.)
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    Here's another

    Here's one for everybody running Win7/8 and XP on their LANs...
    If you want your XP machine[s] to show up in Win7/8's Network Map
    e.g. using the See full map link in 7's Network and Sharing Center
    (I haven't tried 8 yet... maybe when they issue SP1 for it, I'll buy a copy),
    needed is the Link Layer Topology Discovery (LLTD) responder for XP (KB922120).

    The download link in that KB article will get you v5, which will fix XP SP2.
    But MS forgot to put it in the service pack 3 rollup, so you have to request the hotfix to get v6, which will install on SP3.
    HotFix Request for SP3

    Funny thing... in the response email they show that hotfix being part of SP4. :-)

    Anyway... above is what a 7+XP LAN looked like before the hotfix...

    and the same LAN immediately after applying the hotfix to its XP SP3 machines.

    Too bad 7's mapper can't tell when ports belong to the same switch. :-|
    (The top 2 are the same switch, and the bottom 2 are the same switch.)

    The source is at
    But I guess there's some editing needed in the osl-linux.c file.
    That's probably why LLTD responders haven't found their way into every distro's package repo's.

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