For some reason, Win7 wants to update my printer driver and add a printer when I switch to my color printers in MS Publisher (MS OFFICE 2010 Pro plus) or after the printer has been turned off and back on, it wants to install another printer so I end up with copy 1, 2, 3, etc. And other programs then looking for the printer, can't find it.

When the printer driver is changed or updated, then the printing in Publisher does not work as it is supposed to. A multiple-page work to be in booklet form will not print on both sides. Each time I try to use the two printers, Samsung cls 300 and cls 310, I have to delete the printers, reinstall the original driver...just to get Publisher to work the way it's supposed to.

How can I stop Win7 from changing/updating drivers all the time? Driver for cls 315 seems to be the driver Win7 wants, but Publisher doesn't and apparently can't use it and print correctly with the choices given.

I'm an editor and I need this information critical to my a hurry...I have deadlines and limited time to work with this any more. Do I change printers? Can't afford that. I spend as much time screwing with OS problems as I do with my that supposed to be Microsoft? I'm not a friggin computer guru or programmer. Why can't this stuff just work, and when it works stay the same...without all the changes and updates all the time?