I've just come back from a trip to India (*very* cool, and not that dangerous, once you get used to it and over the paranoia). While over there, I was using a Yahoo web mail account to keep in touch with people, which worked very well for me.

Now that I'm back, I want to port all of my Yahoo email messages to the Outlook files on my home PC, maintaining the dates and From and To fields.

Mostly, this is pretty easy, as Yahoo allows you to forward messages as attachments. The trouble is, there's a couple of messages that are HTML formatted and that generate "line too long" errors (over 1024 chars).

Currently, I've cut and pasted the text across to New "Posts in This Folder", but although I can edit the From field if I get in early, I can't change the date.

Can anyone suggest a solution, no matter how convoluted?

Thanks in advance,