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    Problem Changing Backup Options Windows 7

    Hi, all, I have been trying to figure out how to change the backup options that I originally set when I first got this computer. I went to the Microsoft KB and it indicated there is a button "change settings". Okay, I click on that and it takes me to the C drive! I see no way to change the settings. The drive I originally set is nearly full and I have another drive that is empty and thus the reason for the change. HELP! thanks in advance.

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    Not helpful I know but when I click on that setting, the drives available for backups eventually show, these being D: (a second internal hard drive) and E: (CD/DVD drive). I can't think why you'd be taken to the drive where the files/folders you want to back up are situated. Does the drive you want to use show up in 'My Computer'?

    Edit: I note there's a 'Refresh' button in that section. Have you tried that? I expect the drive would first need to be showing up in My Computer for that to work.
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