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    Simple way to display different color for visited links in FF in Ubuntu.

    Hello fellow Ubuntians,

    The Lounge thread (URL below),

    describes a simple, great way to display a different color ( deep red ),
    for already visited links in Firefox under MS-Windows.

    It works in FF / Win XP & it's a big productivity enhancer.
    Love it!

    But... it does not work
    in Firefox 7.0.1 in UBUNTU 11.04 /Gnome UI....

    Could someone with more Ubuntu experience,
    offer some advice, guidance
    on how to make this great tip work in FF 7.0.1 Ubuntu?

    pls, take a look at the Thread above and post suggestions there...


    [ UPDATE ]: Problem described here, has been solved!
    - see other Thread (URL above), for solution!
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