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    Graphing data -- Excel or Access? (2000)

    I've just come back from a trip to India (I had a wonderful time and recommend it to anyone, even with the war supposedly nearby). While there, I tried to keep track of my spending as accurately as possible. Now I want to organise that data and graph it in a variety of ways.

    The problem is, though Excel seems better at graphing, I don't know how to get it to generate multiple graphs of the same data.

    For example, all my spending items have standard names and are assigned categories. I want to graph my daily and weekly spending for each standard item and also for each category. It seems to me I would need to copy a selection of the data to a new worksheet somehow (perhaps a macro?) for each type of graph I want to produce. This seems pretty inefficient (and is a problem I've encountered frequently in the past).

    I'd really appreciate some suggestions on how to get Excel to do what I want. Or if Access is better suited, how do I get Access to produce the graphs?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Re: Graphing data -- Excel or Access? (2000)


    Welcome back. I have been to India and found it a great place as well, which part(s) did you visit?

    OK to chart your data, you really don't need to have a multiple ranges of the same data, but you would need to select the data in different ways each time for each graph.

    A pivot table connected to the charts is great or you could have some queries fire and get you your data from Access into Excel and have Excel chart that date. This can be done via VBA code. It would be the ideal situation since the data can be manipulated via the queries.

    Excel is better than access in charting.
    Welcome back, HTH

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    Re: Graphing data -- Excel or Access? (2000)

    I would base the chart on the original data and use Autofilter to filter the data. The chart will reflect the filtered data. That way you have one chart on one set of data. Simply change filter criteria and a new chart is ready.
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