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    MalwareBytes Pro

    I have long been under the impression that it was a bad idea to have more than one anti-malware application running at a time. If I install MalwareBytes Pro, will that conflict with my Kaspersky or Norton (depending on the machine), which is performing a similar function?

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    First off, if you're concerned enough about your computer's safety, you should not be using Norton. The nicest name I know for that program is "Bloatware", from there it goes downhill very quickly. I remove it everywhere I find it. Many computers that have Norton installed also have viruses, trojans, adware, spyware and FRAUD software. My two most used programs are my Norton Removal tool and my McAfee removal tool.

    As for Malware Bytes Pro, it's good, it's effective and it WILL run right along side of AVG 2012 Internet Security (Pro) with no problems at all.
    The two programs actually look for different things. No Problemo!
    AVG is the only Anti-Virus I use, so I can't comment on how any other program will co-habitate with Malware Bytes.
    I just don't set the two programs up to run their updates or scans at the same time.
    I've set Malware Bytes to do it's update and scan in the morning and AVG to update and scan in the evening. No conflict.
    But just for grins and giggles, I once started an AVG scan, then immediately I started a MB scan, then a Spybot S&D scan and then a Super Anti-Spyware scan. All scans ran concurrently and there was NO problem. They all terminated normally.

    Running that many scanners, at the same time, is not advisable though. It would crash most computers.

    Go ahead, run Malware Bytes and let us know if you have any problems. It's a good program.
    I only install it on my customer's PC's if they have teenagers in the house. Teens seem to be Malware magnets.

    Cheers Mate and Happy Holidays!
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    Running Malwarebytes along with any anti virus software should be compatible and run at the same time. Malwarebytes looks for spyware/malware/scareware etc which are not true virus issue's. So both look for different things essentially. You can leave Malwarebyte's running in the background along with your anti virus program all day long.

    As far as Norton is concerned I will only say that years back it got labeled as being bloated for very good reasons. Norton has taken steps to cut back on the bloat. Is it the best? No it isn't, but its not as bad as some Norton hater's think. I certainly would not put AVG at the top of the list for anti virus programs, either the payed or free versions. The newest version of AVG had to addrress its own issue's of bloat. Many anti virus programs can slow your system down, obviously, and some are affected more simply due to their system resources. This is why so many people love Microsoft's Security Essentials. Not only does it do a very good job of protection but it has a very small footprint and does not use a lot of these resources. And the key to what MSE does and does well is simply because it is only a anti virus program and does not try to be a one program does all. Anytime you install a program that wants to do many different functions your system performance is going to suffer regardless of what program it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrWho View Post
    First off, if you're concerned enough about your computer's safety, you should not be using Norton. The nicest name I know for that program is "Bloatware", from there it goes downhill very quickly.
    Norton is not as you say in my opinion. From what I read, it may have been poor once but this is not the case since the program's rewrite in 2009. I'm now on my third year of using it. No infections, no slow-downs and no plans to stop using it. The latest 'Whole Product Dynamic "Real World" Test' results over at AV-Comparatives are good. Click on the link: 'Monthly Results' in the page linked to below to see a comparison graph.

    I use MalwareBytes Pro alongside NIS 2012. No issues with both running in realtime. Just to be sure though, I've put some exclusions in Norton's Realtime Scan section as is recommended over on the MalwareBytes site. These are:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware
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    Lightbulb Potential conflict using Malwarebytes Pro

    Anyone considering using Malwarebytes Pro and a potential conflict with their "main" security program should review the info on the Malwarebytes Support Forums located at . "Section(s) E through K" relate to security programs & the One on Norton is "Section J" . Kaspersky does not have a "section" in this "Topic", but there may be a "Discussion" elsewhere on this forum about it !?
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