I'm revisiting an old thread I started some time ago (because I now have a document with links in the new docx format). See
https://windowssecrets.com/forums/sho...slow+word+2007 for the old thread.

I have a docx file with quite a few links to Excel charts (2007sp3). In the past, I've found these documents slow to load. The hotfix mentioned in the thread above seemed to fix this. However, the document is still very slow to save (a couple of minutes for a <1MB document). The links are all set to manual update, and the 'update automatic links at open' option is cleared. If I save the Word file in the old .doc format, it then works fine. Unfortunately, I want to use some of the new features (like the new equation editor). My computer is Win7x64, but my colleague has the same problem on a WinXP machine. The files are normally on a network share, but saving the Word file on the local drive doesn't seem to make a difference.