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    Trouble Upgrading iPhone 4 to iOS 5 with Windows 7 iTunes

    I am having a problem trying to upgrade the OS for my iPhone 4 to IOS 5 so I can connect it to the iCloud. I connect the phone, open iTunes, start the download, go through the whole process, and then when it moves on to install, I get a message that the system has timed out. 5 times. No download has registered. Any ideas? Is this a Windows problem? I can take the thing to the Apple store, but that's 40 miles away, so if there's help, I'd sure like to know what to do.

    NOTE: This post was located in the thread titled "iTunes and iPad 5.0.1 synch trouble". It should be in its own thread. This is a different problem and it can be confusing as to which problem advice/solutions are being offered.
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