I don't think this is an application specific issue, so I posted here in hopes of more exposure. My apologies, if I should have posted in a different forum.

Adobe Fireworks CS4 has been installed on this computer running Win7 64bit for well over a year. Png files have always been associated with it, so that double clicking the file opens it in Fireworks. In the past month, double clicking a png file throws 2 errors. One covering the other. The first says 'Please wait while Windows configures Adobe Fireworks CS4'. The second 'Please install Adobe Fireworks CS4 using Setup.exe'.

I erased and then reestablished Fireworks as the default program for .png files. Same errors.
I reinstalled Fireworks over the previous installation. Same errors.

Before I deactivate, uninstall and reinstall Fireworks, has anyone seen this issue in Fireworks or other programs?