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    Lightbulb Solution to XP Screensaver Refusal to Run

    I noticed that my XP screensaver slide show wasn't automatically kicking in. It's important to me because I wander around periodically, so I like the screensaver to start after a short time and require a login upon return.

    It had run successfully for a looooooong time, so, obviously, some gremlin had crept in. I tried various .jpg source file sets, I changed screensaver parameters, I changed the mouse (wired, btw), but nothing fixed my problem.

    Extensive Internet searching finally gave me a path to take: do a clean boot using msconfig to prevent startups and services from running, then add them back gradually to (hopefully) isolate the problem.

    When the smoke cleared away, I had found the culprit! And you'll never guess what it was... the Microsoft Intellipoint mouse software. I have used it for a long time because it allows me to program my mouse wheel. Then, and only then, I remembered that, several weeks earlier, I had taken Microsoft's advice (I know, I know) to "upgrade" to the latest version 8.20.468.0. Bad idea. Who knew?

    Thank goodness, Microsoft still has v7 and v6 available for download. I tore out v8, installed v7, and presto! My screensaver works again!

    I hope my experience can help others to avoid those hair-tearing moments...

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    Quote Originally Posted by lanshark View Post
    I had taken Microsoft's advice (I know, I know) to "upgrade" to the latest version 8.20.468.0. Bad idea. Who knew?

    I hope my experience can help others to avoid those hair-tearing moments..
    Hello...Thanks for the "heads up". I completely agree.. The best thing to do is a OS backup (Image) before changing anything ...Also check the "Change Log", if available for the update... Sometimes the Change Log will show that it's not worth doing.. and usually updating a previously running and working software (unless your having a problem ) is just shooting yourself in the foot.. Example: I'm running the oldest Nvidia graphics driver that i have with Windows 7 \64 Pro... and have had problems with the "New Versions" Regards Fred

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    It seems that the old adage "if it ain't broke don't fix it" has struck again. Graphics cards or drivers have often been notorious for doing things similar to this. It seems hardware drivers in general are very quirky and oftimes break more than they fix. As Fred states make a good Image of your system prior to making changes like this. If something breaks, it takes about 10 minutes to get back where you started.
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    Years ago, Intellipoint was causing all sorts of hate and discontent and the word on the web was, "DE-Install Intellipoint".

    I've not used that #%$@ since then. Windows generically handles most mice just fine. That's my experience anyway.

    I just put "Intellipoint problems" into Google and got 1,570,000 hits. So you know, it does not play well with others.

    Good Luck!

    Happy Holidays!
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