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    Unhappy Win 7 and older printers - Canon MultiPASS F30

    I recently upgraded my PC to Win7 and now can't use my f30 printer/scanner. It says no drivers are available and Canon doesn't intend to create any. There is nothing wrong with my f30 and I use it regularly for scanning and printing. I have a laser for the bulk of my printing, but use the f30 for all my scanning. It's a great multifunction unit. The solution I used to get it working again is to use Vmware to create a virtual XP PC on my system and do all my scanning and printing from there. Is there a way to continue using older equipment on the newer operating systems like Win7 and the soon to be released Win8. It's a shame to have to get rid of a perfectly good printer just because the OS doesn't recognize it. The tech world certainly can't be called green wth the way hardware is always being replaced.

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    Microsoft does provide very basic drivers for many peripherals. If there is not a basic driver then you have to rely on the manufacturer. If the manufacturer does not produce a driver for the new OS sometimes but not often you can find a third party driver. Otherwise, you are out of luck.


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