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    Outlook Search Folders

    Am using Office/Outlook 2003 - but believe problem continues in all 2007 & 2010 versions:

    1) Search Folders will only search on the "Display As" email address rather than the "Email address". Thus if has the "Display As" name of John Smith, the Search Folder function will NOT find him if I enter into the search criteria!! To get it to work, I must enter the Display As name which is a text string (eg John Smith) rather than an email address. (Seems strange to me).

    So, if at some point, I have switched from using his email address as his Display As address to using his actual email address, I must enter BOTH addresses into criteria (eg:; John Smith) for Search Folder to find ALL emails to him. (There seems to be NO global toggle to switch so that the default "Display As" convention is the email address - WHY NOT!?).

    2) So, that means if I really want to make sure I find person I have emailed with, I must enter BOTH potential Display As names into criteria to be sure. So that means each person uses 2 search criteria names.

    3) Which brings up issue number 3: Search Folders refuse to accept more than 20 names in "criteria" - which in reality means 10 names because each search target needs to be entered as the email address and the Display As address. The problem is I have 40 names to search = 80 criteria entries. How can I do it?

    4) There is an option to create a Custom Search - however the default screen again only allows 20 names...however if you dig deeper, there are From and To boxes that seem to accept many more names. They are NOT visible in the entry box. But it seems to accept them up to some limit - which is totally unknown. Will this work? How do I know if I have exceeded the limit of names. (I think it just truncates the entries - so I have no idea that it has rejected the names)

    Strangely, I can find NOTHING on any of this in the Net. Does anyone have any idea how to make this work. Or whether they improved this function in 2007 or 2010? Why in the world will Search Folder Criteria NOT accept more than 20 names to search on? Thanks

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    You could click on the folder, then click on arranged by and select email account to sort the folder and then scroll down to the email address you are looking for.


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