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    FTP for video file

    I need to know the best way (free, of course) to send movie files to someone. Is dropbox with their 1gb limit a contender for this or any cloud storage medium? I have started a dropbox accountnd can get my reciptient to install also. I also have the storage medium skydrive up and running also. it has more free storage capacity than dropbox. Or should I consider a regular FTP app to do this. Has anyone else run into this? I need some advice so thanks in advance to whomever can help.

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    I believe that Skydrive has an individual file limit of around 50MB, so that may be too small for video files.

    Dropbox has no file size limit other than what is available within your account, so it may be more suitable.

    A couple of things to consider:

    If you use Dropbox, it would be better in the long run to setup a shared folder and invite your recipient to access that share, rather than give them your credentials. That way, you can still use the account for other purposes without your data ending up on their machine.

    Your upload bandwidth is going to be tested if you wish to transfer video files efficiently - so you need to ensure you have a high speed cable, DSL or fibre connection to make it workable.

    Just to be clear on one point too, Dropbox may not like their service being used if there is any possibility that you do not own the copyright on the movies. In other words, it's not a backdoor file sharing service.

    FTP was designed to move data around and with enhancements it can be made secure. However, you will need a FTP server to be connected to the internet at the recipient's end, which may not be ideal if it is a residential machine.

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    Well if time is not so much an issue and a CD,DVD or USB flash drive dropped in the snail mail is out, the way I do it from user to user is directly, thinking in the form of off-site backup. If both users are on Windows 7, MESH, if not, a program called CrashPlan that has a free for non-commercial use, peer to peer off site backup feature.
    Think Carbonite or Mozy except the backup location is at a friend or family's home. As mentioned upload bandwidth is most likely going to be a considerable bottleneck for most Internet connections which would occur in any case, so mix in a goodly amount of patience and it will eventually get done.

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