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    convert handwriting from pdf / tiff

    I have scanned a sheet of paper on which I have handwritten a paragraph of two. It came through as a pdf file, with the handwriting clearly readable on screen. I was able to print it to OneNote 2007 and it shows up as a 'picture' inside a container. I wanted to run 'convert handwriting to text' from the Tools menu, but it is greyed out. Does anyone know how to convert such handwriting? It seems to be a different process to converting handwriting made with a sylus. Thanks in advance. Frank

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    The pdf file which was created from scanner is image-based file, namely, you there is no direct prorgam to convert file which has no real text to text file.

    The correct program you can use to export the file to text is to use a OCR (optical recognition) software, it can make the recognize the text out of the image.

    Actually there is such tool, within Windows 2003 if I correctly recall.

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