Bless the Patch Updates! If it weren't for them, I'd be in serious trouble.

Followed the listed advice in the last newsletter and installed Win7 Security updates before the other updates in the update package of 12/13. Ran for a day and everything was fine. Then installed the Office updates and a non-critical time zone update. Immediately after, my Windows load time at both cold boot and restart boot quadrupled. Even after the desktop finally loaded I could not get control of anything for about 3-4 minutes. There was serious disk action going on.

One by one I started backing out the last group of updates, and didn't have to go far. Uninstalled the time-zone update with no change. Then noticed that update KB2553270 was listed 3 times in the in the Installed Updates section of the control panel. This was obviously an error so uninstalled them one by one. Rebooted and the problem was gone. Will put back the time-zone update and see how things go, but I have a feeling the problem was the multiple copies of the 2553270. I'll try putting it back too and see what happens.

Everything seemed to go well when I did the updates and can't see how one can install itself 3 times. So if someone has significantly longer Win 7 load times, check this update.

System: Win 7 x64, 12Gb memory, Office 2010.