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    Am I Missing Somethnig in Publisher?

    I've begun to use MS Publisher very recently because I don't have the time to bend Word 2007 to my will in order to create a customisable 2012 calendar to my satisfaction. I was told the template selection in Publisher 2007 was much better (it is) and that changing the start and end dates for the calendar was a doddle (which it is, but...)

    I've found a template that I like, but that I want to make some layout changes to it, in order to maximise the size of the calendar grid (for writing reminder notes) and to increase the size of the picture I can add (a different one for every month).

    The trouble is, if I open a single page document using my calendar template of choice, amend the layout then attempt to change the dates, Publisher will get rid of all of my customisatrions and give me a 12 page calender based on the original template. If I select the inlclusive dates at the start of the process and have a 12 page calendar based on the default template, then it appears that I have to amend the layout on each page individually. Changes on page 1 don't flow to ther other pages and, although it's possible to select all of the pages at once, the moment I attempt to change a layout component, the selection defaults to the active page and none of the other pages are amended. I tried making the changes to a single page and saving it as a personal template, but that loses the ability to change the dates and create a variable calendar - unless there's a naming convention I'm unaware of.

    I feel I'm missing something obvious because I can't believe the app can be so stubborn and obnoxious. Please tell me it's me...

    Many thanks,
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