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    screen saver

    At work yesterday, I was upgraded to Windows 2000. With Windows 98, I had just figured out how to turn on my screen saver immediately by adding it to my Quick Launch toolbar (thanks to one of the Woody's Lounge experts!) and had password-protected the screen saver so that if I left my desk, the computer would be secure.
    The problem I have now is that the password works just fine when the screen saver goes on by itself after the specified wait time. However, when *I* turn it on using the Quick Launch toolbar, the password feature doesn't work. Can I work around this?
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    Re: screen saver

    I haven't checked this, but it may still be waiting for the original delay. i.e. if you have set a (normal) delay of 5 mins before your screen-saver starts, it may take 5 mins before the password lock kicks in.
    I remember there used to be screen-savers that you could configure to start as soon as you moved your mouse screen-top-right etc. - you may find more a more configurable solution here at Screen Saver Heaven.

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    Re: screen saver

    Try CTRL+ALT+DEL click Lock. No screensaver, but a quick way to lock up.

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