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    Question Connecting an External Monitor to a Netbook

    Hi all, I have a 17" monitor, the connector has the pins on each side of it, to fit a desktop computer, but I wanna hook it up to a netbook, but the netbook hasn't got the holes for the pins. The ocnnector will go into the netbook, but it's not very securely in place. When I told a couple of people about it they said there's no kind of adaptor for it to make it fit better. Is this true?

    Thanks to all the help around here, I'm not qute so lost.

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    It's not just netbooks which are like that. We have a 15" and a 17" laptop at work which we use for projection onto a SmartBoard, and you have to be careful to ensure that a long length of the VGA extension cable is lying flat on the laptop table, to prevent the VGA plug easing its way out of the laptop's VGA socket.

    Short of tying a piece of string to the VGA plug and stretching it across the keyboard and underneath the netbook, I don't have a better solution...

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    Yeah - about the only thing that I've done that actually works is to use a wide piece of tape (duct tape) to secure the connector to the bottom of the netbook. Actually works quite well.


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