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    Merry Christmas everyone! What are some good resources to learn Flash?

    I've decided to start on my resolution early. I sell low voltage i.e. distributed audio and video, home automation, light control (lights, shades and drapes), access control, CCTV, HVAC control, home theaters... For the most part if it turns on and is electric we can control it. I've bounced around a myriad of ideas on how to do a presentation that is comprehensive while not being overwhelming. It's also something that ideally could be customized by client and left with them.

    There would be a touchscreen with buttons with the clients name and picture of their house. You push the button and things around the house or business happen. Music comes on, lights dim and shades open, if it's starts raining the irrigation system turns off etc.

    From what I've seen Flash can do this but how hard is it to get up to speed and get this happening?



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    Here is one of many;
    You can also try your favorite search site,type in
    What are some good resources to learn Flash?

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