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    Excel 2010 - AutoSum - shuts Excel down

    Hi folks.

    Win 7 Pro - Intel CoreII - 3gB RAM - plenty of HDD room. We have a simple spreadsheet which we ported over from Excel 2003 in an upgrade attempt. This SS uses no macros and is located on the local drive. There is but one tab. We had to save it as an XLSX to avert Compatibility Mode which was moderately difficult seeing that M$ decided to hide the file extensions in the Save As dialog. It uses range names but mostly on single cells. When we try to AutoSum a column or row, Excel closes unexpectedly with no error notice and immediately reopens with the AutoSave appearing on the left. Opening that and re-attempting AutoSum yields the same result. If we autosum outside of the data frame imported, autosum works fine. It's only when we try to autosum

    Is this a Trust Center issue? Or is there something else to look for? Do we repair Excel? How do I expose "All Files" (*.*) inside the Excel GUI?

    Thanks for your time.


    Instant Update: (About an hour later)... I'm noticing the operator is using this form:
    ={Press AutoSum}B4*B5 and not =(b4)*(b5). I showed him the later method which appears to work. He states his AutoSum technique worked fine for years and years in Excel 2003. What do you folks think? AutoSum is indeed the Wrong Function for multiplication???

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