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    Volume Mixer loses ability to retain sound level for one application

    My volume mixer is set to 75%. New applications start at 75%, are usually reduced ,and whenever they subsequently start they start at the lower value set in the volume mixer.

    I've been playing Grand Theft Auto IV for it seems like forever. I run it on Windows 7 on an Intel i7 platform with pretty much all the hardware maxed out for gaming.

    About two weeks ago the Windows 7 Volume Mixer seemed to 'lose' the volume setting for Grand Theft Auto IV. Whenever it was started it was as if it was being installed for the first time and the volume setting was maxed out. Grand Theft Auto was always set to about 35% volume and had been like that for about a year prior to this most recent misbehavior. The attached screen shot shows the problem.

    No other programs are affected. All others retain the correct settings. I am not aware of any system changes at the time this change in behavior became apparent.

    This program is a 'Steam' program. Steam starts up and accepts the stored Windows 7 Volume Mixer settings. Grand Theft Auto IV starts up at full and excessive volume. The attached screen shot shows the problem that has been happening this last two weeks.

    I guess the key questions are:

    1) Where are the Windows 7 Volume Mixer settings stored for each application?

    2) What could cause Windows 7 to to become unable to record the user setting for just one specific program?
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    I have a similar problem with video editing suite Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 12 but in this case it occurs after the software has been running normally for a while: volume is muted for the application only, and the volume mixer slider for the application is taken down to zero. I think that Pinnacle initiates this, as it is in other ways quite buggy. It took me a while to figure out where the problem was occurring because its occurring only *with* the app suggested that it was *in* the app and that restarting it would solve the problem. My system has no less than four different volume adjustments active: one in the application, one in the Realtek audio hardware management applet accessible through the Control Panel, then the universal volume control, then the one that appears upon opening up the mixer. This kind of redundancy, and without any roadmap to the audio signal's pipeline, or unified control panel (excuse mixed metaphor) is a usability nightmare...

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    Did you begin running the GTA app under a limited user account?


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