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    Is Wireless Phasing Out Wired Connections?

    Hi all, when I was looking at printers recently, there were no wired options, 'cept for a network, it looks like companies are forcing wireless only hardware on us. I've been reading that wireless emissions are very dangerous and I do not want to be dictated to that I must use it or nothing, at least there were choices not too long ago. I'm so mad about that and that my last few printers broke down on me or wouldn't work with my computers; so I have to buy another one. The one I had was a multifunction, which I really like and want to replace, but so far all I can find in that store is wirelesss. I'm gonna check around and see if this is the new trend. These darn companies have way too much power, miserable turds!

    What's next? No hard drive? Many years ago I read somethng about phasing that out, too. Now the Cloud comes along, a very scary idea, though it has its conveniences, it scares the crap outta me. We still need HD's and data storage that is not online. I'm so tired of companies dictating to me what I can and cannot do. Dangit!

    No political solution can solve problems. Money isn't everything. When offering free info, and say, "we'll only tell you so much, then you have to pay," Yes, people need to support themselves but NOT by creating an elite, privilaged group who gets everything just because they can pay for it. In a fair society, everyone is Equal.

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    I think you can still use the USB connection, even with those printers, so wireless is an additional feature.

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    I've been reading that wireless emissions are very dangerous
    Just to set your mind at rest: there is no need to be worried about that. Radio waves are electro-magnetic radiation and as such are non-ionizing. There are urban myths about people suffering injury or illness as a result of being exposed to radio transmissions, but as a former radio engineer, I can assure you there is no truth in the matter until one gets to seriously high ERP (Effective Radiated Power). The transmit power from a wireless router is typically in the range 100 to 200mW. This is a tiny amount compare to the energies required to have a physiological effect. Additionally, given the antenna losses and free space loss between you and the antenna, means the energy that the body is exposed to will be many millions of times lower.

    A typical receiver will have a net gain (the amount that the signal is amplified by to be useful) of perhaps 100dB to 120dB. This is equivalent to amplifying the received rf signal by between 10 Thousand-Million and 1 Million-Million times to make it useful.

    When I was looking at printers recently, there were no wired options
    All wireless enabled printers I have used have a wired option too. Perhaps not advertised, but present nonetheless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tinto Tech View Post
    All wireless enabled printers I have used have a wired option too. Perhaps not advertised, but present nonetheless.
    That used to be my experience, also, but not anymore. Consider these two products:

    Both are available at Office Depot, both have otherwise identical specs, and both even have the same model number. But one has ethernet (no wireless) while the other has wireless only (no ethernet).

    I had a client who encountered a problem with this particular printer. She bought the wireless version, but it turned out HP's implementation of WPA didn't work with her old router. Her router was fine in all other respects, and her laptops have worked flawlessly with it via WPA for quite some time. The 4500 would work if encryption was shut off, but it just wouldn't connect if WEP or WPA was turned on. And this version simply had no wired ethernet option.

    She didn't need it to be wireless anyway (her router and printer are next to each other in the same closet) and the ethernet model was also cheaper, so she took the printer back and swapped it for the ethernet version.

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