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    Hp Photo Creations and Secunia PSI

    Hello alll you in the Know:

    I think this is a software question but not really sure but since I run Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit I will just toss it out here and say thanks to all in advance for any help on this issue.

    For some time now Secunia keeps telling me I need to update Hp Photo Creations from current version to Not really sure what Photo Creations is but I never use it as far as I know. I think it came as a part of the software for my HP Photosmart scanner / printer which I really like.

    So my question is if I uninstall Photo Creations will this have any effect on my printer / scanner????

    When I go to all programs and click on the HP folder it shows a sub folder just for Photo Creations and when I open it it shows two options; Photo Creation & Uninstall Photo Creations.

    There is also a folder for Photosmart D110 Seris which also shows an Uninstall which I think must be the printer / scanner itself. Is this correct??

    Thanks to all for any help.

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    Photo Creations is an app from HP (probably came with the software bundled with the printer) that helps create photo books, etc. It appears to be an app to help manipulate photos to create pretty little things. If you do not use it, then uninstall it. It is just sitting there taking up valuable real estate.
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