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    Quote Originally Posted by dax29 View Post
    Hi all
    I have recently gone from a satellite broadband connection to using a Sierra Wireless Aircard 753S on the Australian Telstra 3G network. The wireless aircard is working great as a hotspot device for my laptop (which I'm running Linux Mint 12 on). However my issue is with my desktop which is running Windows XP (with SP3 and all relevant updates installed) and is dual booted with Linux Mint 12. I have a DLink Wireless G USB adapter (DWA-1.10) installed so I can link my Aircard. When I log on to my desktop into Linux Mint it picks up the wireless hotspot no problems, however when I log into Windows it shows as connecting to the aircard but with limited or no connectivity which of course is of no use at all.

    I have switched off encryption and then it works fine but naturally I donít what to use it with no security, I have also tried a lower level of encryption on (e.g WPA Personal instead of WPA2 etc) but again that results in limited or no connectivity.

    So as I am at a loss for other ideas was hoping someone could suggest so other options to get it working on Windows

    Thanks for any ideas

    Given all the data supplied (great job on giving relevant details, by the way) I see an issue which affects only the Windows XP SP3, WPA or WPA 2, DLink Adapter, and Aircard connection configuration. Two pieces of hardware are involved (other than the computer itself). These are the AirCard and the the DLink Adapter.

    The AirCard is being asked to act as the Access Point. This tells me that somehow, when security is turned on, a previously working connection between these two devices stops working. Which leads me to suspect a Windows Driver issue. The question is, is it the driver associated with the DLink, or a driver associated with the AirCard?

    3G to WiFi Hotspots are well-known for their issues with connectivity and Windows security. Trouble is, the AirCard probably does not get firmware upgrades, so the best hope here is if the issue is with the Windows Driver for the DLink Adapter. Maybe there is an updated driver for the DLink Adapter? That seems to me to be one thing not already mentioned which could make a difference.

    WPA/WPA 2 is not likely the issue, since other configurations with WPA have been working, and Linux security has worked OK. Windows Networking seems to be just fine without WPA. So I'd rule that out as an issue.

    That leaves only the DLink driver. Of course, the device is plug-n-play, so a driver update may or may not be available. You might also try a different Adapter from a different manufacturer.

    Also, see if the connection behaves the same way when connected to a land-line router and modem (if you can find one out there on Norfolk Island). Try it with and without security enabled, and with the DLink Adapter. I'd bet you this will work just fine.

    Which leaves the AirCard as the culprit, and not many options for changing that.
    -- Bob Primak --

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    Hi Bob
    Thanks for your feedback. If I was still having an issue I would certainly try out your suggestions but now that I have Win7 install and all is working well, I prefer not to play with something that is now working.

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