The other day I have successfully loaded a old DOS game (Leisure Suit Larry 6) with the help of D-Fender Reloaded and got it up & running, however as I am a novice to this utility I have a few questions which some other existing D-Fender Reloaded user might know how to remedy and/or have the answer to.

1. Am I right to assume that to play the game the user access'es the newly created bluish icon in D-Fender Reloaded (just below the DOSbox icon) - or does D-Fender Reloaded auto-create a completely new folder for the game?
2. As soon as the lsl6 .exe file was drag'n'dropped into Defenders interface, its name was changed to some other games title - is it possible to change this name?
3. Even though the display fills the entire screen, I get a thick blacked out row across the top of the screen for some reason, making me unable to access the game menu's.
4. If I was to load up any other DOS games, does each game need to be installed into a completely different D-Fender Reloaded or can they be added into this same existing D-Fender Reloaded?