I made a change to my calendar on the iCloud web site (I have done this before) and got a server error. I then notice to my horror that my iCloud calendar on my PC was BLANK!!
  • I checked the iCloud web site and all events were there,
  • I check my iPhone and all events were there.
  • I tried adding an event in the iCloud web calendar and it would sync with my iPhone but nothing showed up on Outlook on my PC.
  • Yes, I had the iCloud calendar selected on the PC.
  • Just for grins I tried to enter an event on the PC. I added the event in the normal manner and when I hit Save and Close the event was NOT in Outlook but it WAS showing on the iCloud web calendar and in my iPhone!!!!

To make things more bizarre if I switched to the list view of my calendar all the events are there and changes and additions from the iCloud web site show up!

Here is what I have done so far to try to alleviate the problem (not necessarily in the order in which I have done them):
  1. Called Apple tech support, after a short time they determined they did have a server problem the day this happened but it was resolved and since this was happening with a MS product it was MS’s problem.
  2. Called MS, spent a lot of time on the phone with a couple of techs and to this point there is no solution, nor have I heard back from them lately. I may try after the new year.
  3. I ran a repair on Outlook – no luck
  4. I uninstalled and reinstalled the iCloud control panel – no luck
  5. I tried to reset the views in Outlook – no luck
  6. I tried running Outlook in the safe mode – no luck
  7. I tried reboot the computer (first thing I tried) – no luck
  8. I tried disabling add-ins on my computer and then re-enabling them—even though I had not added any add ins since before the iPhone. When I did this I was told that this could only be done by the administrator but I am the only user on this machine and I never setup any users other than the default user (me) who should be the administrator – no luck
  9. I tried switching the calendar between high, medium, and low detail – no luck
  10. I verified I have no filters enabled.
  11. I have tried turning off, then back on the Outlook sync in the iCloud control panel – no luck
  12. I exported the BLANK file to an Outlook file on my desktop. I was then able to open that file, WITH ALL INFOMRAITON IN IT, in Outlook but of course since it was not the iCloud calendar it would not sync. It would display but since it won’t sync this is useless.
  13. I thought of sacrificing a goat at the altar of the computer Gods but could not find a goat, an altar, and was unsure which God to name in the before mentioned sacrifice.

Anyone else out there in Windows land have this problem.

POST SCRIPT - On January 1, 2012 I opened my Outlook claendar and ALL THE EVENTS WERE SHOWING in the calendar view!! The only difference was that even the comments section (which prior to this bizzare event did not show) were showing. I guess I can live with that even though it is a little wordy.