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    2010 navigation pane

    Those familiar with the navigation pane will know that along the top there are three tabs; the
    1. Heading View
    2. Page View
    3. Search Results View

    Whenever opening Word, either the 1st or 3rd tab is opened by default. As I prefer using 'Search Results View', I would like Word to permanently open this option; is it possible to make this configuration?

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    I prefer to have the pane closed until I need it, and bring it up in the 'Search Results View' with "Ctrl-F".

    Until I got more used to Word 2010, I was irritated that Ctrl-F "just" brought up the Navigation panel and not the more comprehensive Find dialog. However, I now find the Nav pane view quite useful for straightforward finds, and use a QAT icon (or Ctrl-H) to bring up the dialog when I need to use the "More>>" options in a search.

    Like you, I'd be interested to learn if custom settings are available for preferred defaults like this. I'd love to find a way to show the "More>>" options in the Find dialog by default.

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