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    Exporting from a Linked Table (Access 2000)

    I am trying to export data from a table that is linked in access to a table in oracle, and when try to export the data to a fixed width file it gives me an error of 'Invalid Arguments', with no error number and no help on where the error is coming from.

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    Re: Exporting from a Linked Table (Access 2000)

    Are you trying to do this using VBA, or are you using the export wizard? If it's coming from the wizard, you may have entered a value that doesn't make sense to it. On the other hand if it's VBA giving you that error, you may have other problems.

    One issue to consider is that you may be exceeding a limit if the Oracle table contains a "Blob" field that can be very large. You might try exporting to a delimited text file to see if that works. Hope this helps.

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