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    i know it's ooold, but i need help installing updates to Word 2000

    Hi all
    i have an ancient history question for you ...

    i have tried downloading various patches and security updates for Word 2000, but none of them will install. the error message is always something like, Windows did not find the expected product/application.

    perhaps they need to be installed in some certain order? oldest first, or something? but which one is oldest?

    i'd buy a more current version, but i use open office instead of MS Office generally. but i'm used to Word and prefer it, and i don't want to sheel out the dollars for a 2003, 07 or 2010 MS Office suite. nor do i want to leave Word 200 without the proper fixes, patches and safeguards ...

    any help would be most welcome.


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    Hi Michael,

    First, I did a quick Google search of "buy Word 2003" and found a couple of places where you could purchase Office 2003 for about $40. Less for just Word alone. I don't know how reliable any of the sellers are, but there may be a deal out there... you could try eBay. Also, you might find some benefit to the newer versions that would offset the cost. That depends on what you use it for -- Word 2000 may be plenty.

    Regarding your question. I think that error comes up when you try to apply a patch that's looking for a specific version of Word 2000 -- that's already patched to a certain point, etc. Without knowing where Word is now and which patches you're trying to apply, it'll be difficult to help. In Word, click Help on the menu, then About Word -- at the top of the resulting dialog, it should tell you where you are. (If I remember the keystrokes properly!)

    It's been many years since I used Word 2K, so I don't remember specifics about patching it. My advice is that if you have the original version, try applying SP1. Then go for SP2, then SP3 (was there an SP3 for W2K?). Once you have the major patches done, you should be most of the way there. You might not have many other patches left to go.
    HTH, Kim

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    JMHO, but you may do better to use the free Open Office or Libre Office rather than MS Office 2000.
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    I wonder whether this is a function of the version of Word 2000 you have. I have Office 2000 Professional SR-1 and have had no difficulty re-installing and updating on several occasions. You specifically refer to Word: I wonder if some of the updates you are attempting to install are for elements of Office 2000 other than Word, for example for Outlook?

    Do you have Office 2000 Service Pack 3 (SP3). If you have installed SR-1, this includes all updates released since Office 2000 SR1. I have a PDF of the M$ web page (now no longer available) that describes the SP3 update and how to install. I can E-mail it to you if you wish.

    Hope this helps.


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    Sadly, if you have a pre-SR1 version of Word 2000, you will not be able to update it. That's because the SR1 & SR1a updates contained some code that MS was forced to withdraw following a legal dispute. If you have a copy with SR1 or later, the updates should work fine.

    Apart from MS being snakey about anyone hosting their own copies of its updates for download, it'd be too big to post as an attachment here (335MB).

    Note: There is an SR1 installer app that you can still find at It's only 166kb or thereabouts, but all it does is look (unsuccesfully) on the MS website for the larger 335MB file. FWIW, the full SR1a update was freely available on many computer magazine covers in 2000/2001 - if you find one, you might be able to install it from there.
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