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    Windows Defender

    Anyone have thoughts on the new Windows Defender Office Beta? Has anyone tried it yet? I am not ready to install this yet. Just wondering what it will be like.

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    I think you mean Windows Defender Offline. Check out the Beta Software section of the lounge for comments.
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    Frustrated! Tried to set this up on three occasions on two different 1GB USB flash drives that I had just re-formattted with Windows. Neither was password protected. On each occasion, after downloading 200+MB (luckily I was not paying for bandwidth!), I was informed that the program could not format the drives. No useful error information was provided. The help page is equally uninformative.

    Woody tells me that special USB flash drives are not needed. So I remain confused and frustrated!


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    Worked well for me on a plain jane flash drive. The flash drive is 4 Gb although this should not cause a problem as 1 GB should be plenty large enough. Mine is a well used flash that I cleaned and formated before the procedure. At the cost of flash drives, I might try a new inexpensive flash drive.
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    We created a cd and did full scans on 2 computers. Several severe problems were detected. On each computer we clicked 'Clean' after which the progress bar moved along in its channel for about 2/3 of the distance at which point it stopped. Nothing responded at that point. Power off worked and Windows could be booted. No idea if anything was cleaned. Anyone know what to try next?

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    I had the same problem with making a WDO flash drive, and then I noticed that I was using an old 64 meg FD.
    Duh!, you can't load 200+ megs on a 64 meg drive. So I looked around and found a 1 gig FD and repeated the process, which worked just fine.
    The FD I used had been formatted FAT-32, which WDO re-formatted to NTFS. So I guess, if WDO is going to reformat the drive anyway, it doesn't make much difference how it was previously formatted. Eh?

    I think I'd check that 1 gig drive to make sure it's not partitioned. WDO can and will re-format the drive, but it probably can't remove partitions, if that were the case. Of course, I'm just swagging it here, as a 1 gig drive should work just fine. Even a 512 meg FD should be OK.

    I wonder if it had the U3 thing on it??? Most Flash Drives do not come with U3 anymore, but when they did, I removed it from every drive I bought. It can be a real PITA! I downloaded a U3 Removal Tool, from 'somewhere'.

    There are still some OLDER flash drive readers, out there, that cannot read any FD over 512 megs in size. Try formatting that FD under Windows in NTFS mode and see how that goes. Also, the drive may be failing.

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