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    Why can't I edit my Lounge post?

    Earlier today, I posted a question in the Databases forum. Just now, I'm writing from my personal laptop computer at home, and the experience is entirely different. On my work machine, I could see no editing tools. None! All I had was the text box to write my questions. Here at home, I see all those little editing buttons: bold, italic, underline, font, size and all the rest. None of those buttons showed on my computer at work. I composed my item with four paragraphs, but when I posted it all the paragraphs collapsed into one. I tried clicking on the "Go Advanced" button, but nothing happened.

    So ... what's going on? Both my work and home computers run Windows 7 and Office 2007. One difference: At home, I use Internet Explorer 9; at work, it's still IE8. Is the behavior I'm seeing caused by something I can change—IE settings, for example? Do I need to change something in my Lounge settings? Do you suppose my IT department has locked down something? (Did I mention that I work for a U.S. Federal Government agency?)

    One more thing: Yes, I'm using the WYSIWYG setting.
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    Hi Caesar3,

    It would be a good idea to check with your IT department on this issue. There may be some settings they have in place that are affecting what you are seeing while in your work environment.

    It may be worth a shot to change your editor on your User Control Panel (Settings > My Settings > General Settings > Miscellaneous Options > Message Editor Interface) to Basic Editor or Standard Editor.

    Do you have the availability of another browser to try at work?

    Have you flushed out your IE temp file cache lately? You may be picking up some page corruption from the cache.

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    I would definitely check the other editor. When I use my Win 8 DP OS I have to use the Standard Editor or I loose some functionality when adding posts. (I always use the WYSIWYG editor in Win 7) In my case the Enter button will not allow me to go to the next line. I suspect this is a bug in Win 8 DP. Something similar may be happening at work due to the confines of work IT dept.
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    I recently have had good results with my updated Windows 8 Developer Preview, in Chrome or IE 10, and with either Lounge Editor. I think the Win8DP updates may have fixed some early issues, at least for me.
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