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    Word 2007: Right indentation for numbered and bulleted lists is unstable


    In more than one template on more than one computer I have the same problem.

    Even though the right indent of the bullets and numbered lists is supposed to be flush at the right side of the page with the Body Text, very often the right indent will shrink.

    To the best of my knowledge, the bullets and numbered lists are correctly defined in the template, yet very often they will choose for themselves shorter right indents than defined.

    There appears to be some method to their madenss in that the lower the level of the bullet or number, the smaller the right indent.

    See below for an example: (I hope it comes out ok.)
    * On the Insert tab, the galleries include items that are designed to coordinate with the overall look of your document.
    *to coordinate with the overall look of your document.
    When you create pictures, charts, or diagrams, they
    also coordinate with your current document look.
    *You can use these galleries
    to insert tables, headers,
    footers, lists, cover pages,

    See the attachment for an example as well.

    The examples are with bullets but it's the same for numbers.

    Celestial TIAs for all input,

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    Hi David,

    In your document, do the numbered and/or bulleted paragraphs have specific styles associated with them, or is everything in Normal style (as is the case in the document referred to in your other post)? If the numbered and bulleted paragraphs are controlled by styles, the right indent setting defined in the definition for the style, should stay stable.

    If on the other hand, everything is in Normal style, that would be more likely to be unstable when you apply numbering or bullets directly to it.

    Right indent is a property defined by the paragraph style, and isn't something you can set in relation to the numbering or bullet lists.


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    Thank you for writing.
    This document is based on a template.
    Each bullet has its own style and definitions.
    I have just gone back into the styles, removed extraneous tab settings and changed the right indent back to 0.

    We'll see what happens.

    For the multi-level numbering, there is one style, and the indentation for each level is sent in the Adjust List Indents dialog box.
    However, in Adjust List Indents you cannot set the right indent, but when I use Alt-Shift+right arrow to go to a different level of list number, the right indent increases instead of staying at 0.

    Rgds, David

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