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    My manager at work asked me to fit 14 sheets onto one 8.5 x14 sheet which I told her would be impossible. However, I am trying to make it more condensed than she has it. So I adjusted all the margins into the smallest possible and made the font as small as I could but when I check it in print preview or when I print it there is still a huge space at the end of the page. I feel like I've had this problem before and there is a very simple answer, but I can't think of what the heck I'm doing wrong!!!! Help!

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    I am not sure exactly what you are doing but it sounds like a proportion issue. I will ignore margins to give the idea, take margins into account if desired. If you place 14 shrunken 8.5x14 (2 rows of 7 each), each shrunken sheet will be 14/7 = 2" wide. The reduction is thus 8.5"/2" = 4.25. The height of the shrunken sheet will be 14/4.25 = 3.29 and with 2 sheets will be a total of 6.58" so will have a gap of 8.50-6.58 = 1.92". If the pages would be 8.5 x 18.1 or 6.58 x 14 the proportions of the shrunken sheets would approximate the proportion of the large sheet.


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