I try to service a small network which has 4 Win 7 computers on both wired and wireless connectivity and 3 XP machines also. One of the Win 7 desktop machines functions as a file server for the network and all of the network users have all of the data files stored on the file server including the Outlook PST files.

They work quite well most of the time but at least once a day one of the XP computers loses connectivity with the file server but not with the router or internet connection. Just with the file server. They used to reboot the server and local machine when this happened and everything would be fine for the rest of the day. However that was a problem for the rest of the users as it took a lot of time and reconnects to the "server".

I found that if they went to the file server and reset the "services.msc" process (i.e. stop the process and then start it once again immediately in Taskmanager), it causes less disruption and time out. The result is the same, Connectivity is restored.

This is still not an ideal situation and I would prefer it run without having this interruption every day.

Any ideas?