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    Paste macros (2000)

    I programmed the macros for pasting in Excel as suggested in the 2 recent WOW issues, but I promptly deleted them when I belatedly remembered that "Undo" (CTRL+Z) doesn't work after a macro has been executed.

    Does anybody have a way around that annoyance? I'm so used to using the "Undo" command that I'd rather deal with my old (and very functional, I might add) method of using a keyboard shortcut to paste formatting and values. My old method involved customizing the toolbar with the "Paste Formatting" and "Paste Values" icons from the Edit category, and then viewing "Text Only" and changing the name to "P&aste Formatting" and "Pa&ste Values", respectively, so that I can use ALT+A and ALT+S as keyboard shortcuts. CTRL+V still pastes everything.

    Any ideas on how to undo macros?


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    Re: Paste macros (2000)

    See John Walkenbach's page on undoing macros:
    <A target="_blank" HREF=></A>.
    Lots of other good stuff there also. HTH --Sam
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